Sunday, February 21, 2010


if you knew me well, you would know...

~that i clap my hands often and randomly with no apparent reasoning

~that i name things i love fred...goldfish, purple spotted dinosaurs, soup cans...
that kinda thing.

~i am a recovered pepsi addict.

~i am now a strong diet coke addict the can...always in a can.

~i hate the word moist. it makes me cringe.

~i love the smell of lilacs and i love the smell of vanilla.

~when i was a kid, i wanted to be a taxi driver.

~i am fascinated by heavy machinery. the lines, the colors, the size,
the textures...i can sometimes feel like it takes my breath away.

i borrowed this idea here...and it was a lot of along!


Caroline said...

ha this list. Funny the words we hate... I too love the smell of lilacs...heaven!

lissa said...

fun facts, I think this tells a lot about you and I'm wondering why the name Fred... :)

thanks for your visit and have a sweet, sweet day

Nat said...

Did you take that photo? LOVE IT!

Out of the can is the only way to drink diet coke. :)

Karen Travels said...

Do you ever watch How I Met Your Mother? A character on there also hates the word "moist" and Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) did a skit in which he repeated the word moist over and over. Great episode, but I am guessing you would hate it!!