Sunday, November 23, 2008

the story of the green {kermit} coat...{nablopomo day 23}

i first saw the
coat when i was
about 18...

i was shopping with my
at-the-time boyfriend...
my first ever real boyfriend
i might add...
{who went on to teach me that
love can really suck and not to change
yourself to fit into someone else's
jigsaw puzzle of life, but that is
a whole other post...}

the coat.

i immediately fell in love.

it was 350.00.

so out of my price range.

because some people buy
awesome gifts
to make up for what a
they can regularly be,
i received the coat for christmas.

i wore that coat all the time...
i was known for that coat...

and i think that is part of why i
continue to hold onto it...
not because of sentimental reasons
regarding who i received it from
{far from it}
but because it reminds me of me,
of me then...and how far i've come
and even though i had made myself small
in that one relationship
i also let myself stand out
in that kermit-coat.


leaca said...

That is great. Now your daughter wears it. =)

Nat said...

Love the story of the coat. Funny how we keep things for different reasons. (And it's still a good coat.)

Bridget said...

I wondered if that coat had a story the other day in your pictures because that color isn't for people who don't truly love it, and the story makes me smile, the fact that you kept it makes me smile. You are so sweet, and I see it's genetic.

Frankie said...

Oh the story of the wonderful coat!! I'm so glad it has layers of depths to it as grand as the coat itself, and that it's story is continuing on with 13. Love, love, LOVE this!!! xoxox

ELK said...

wonderful I like it even more!
if you think of how long you have had it

and what it means it was a good buy!

spread your wings said...

i like your post a lot. i just came across your blog and i will be visiting again.
what a great coat, a great story and great photos too

liz elayne said...

thank you for sharing this piece of your story. i always deeply appreciate learning more and more about a person and how they came to be standing in this place in this time on their path.

(and goodness that coat just rocks. have been thinking that for weeks now.)

Kate said...

There are many things I own that have meaning other than what any one else would think. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Such a great coat...thanks for sharing the story!

daisies said...

i love that coat, the colour is amazing and i have a camera, my first slr that was given to me on my birthday by a guy who bought it for me because he didn't do nice things ... but i still love that camera ...

thank you for sharing your story, xo