Monday, November 24, 2008

the leaves are leaving...{nablopomo day 24}

fallen for you/ holding on

a photo collaboration with adorable liz elayne

and if you would like to see more,
knock on this door.
they would love to have you stop by for a visit...

that said
i also need to say
that this has been the most
horrible kind of day.
a might-be-taking-it-the-wrong-way
statement in an email,
a coat bought for 13 on sale
that turned out to be too small
and she doesn't like it,
fatty, greasy supper just because it was fast,
a doctors appointment that ran half an hour later
than it should have,
forgot to buy a mat for the doorway
now i have to contend with wet socks still,
a slow leaking tire,
worst of all
i missed the santa claus parade....
i got to hear it
and see the floats at the end of my street
as i was dragging in stupid over priced groceries
and kicking randomly at lumps of snow.

i hate today.


Kate said...

I hate today for all kinds of other reasons. Sometimes the days just don't go the way we want them to. And my cat just fell behind the tv and is crying. There's not got to be much more scary than that for the poor thing.

ELK said...

oh I am so sorry ! with you on I can empathize with 13 (been there done that with two!)

love the duet with liz...sending you happy thoughtsfor a better tomorrow...

Nat said...

That does sound like it suketh much.

Lumps of snow... eh?

daisies said...

hugs you!! xo

leaca said...

I hate days like that. You will have a better day tomorrow and then you will read this and have a little chuckle. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck. Days like the one you had call for an early goodnight. Hope you feel rested and refreshed in the morning.
(((big hugs)))

jfrancis said...

That what leaves do.