Saturday, November 22, 2008

snow-filled saturday...{nablopomo day 22}

woke up this morning to a snowy saturday....
but not enough to cancel work.

but nothing could bring me down today.

that thing i really really really really wanted?
i got.

and so starts a new chapter in my life.

{no post-it today because they were all
sad/frustrated/longing/worried but now
i'm happy....}


ELK said...

am I missing something? ....just a tiny nibble ~like the it!

gkgirl said...


i don't have all the details
quite worked out
and so don't really want
to say
"just in case"
something goes wrong
or someone i know reads...


leaca said...

beautiful shot. have a great weekend.

Frankie said...

I just LOVE your photos! Glad you're happy. I can't wait to begin reading this new chapter!! xox

vanessaann said...

hey, i came over from simple sparrow. i love the picture of the apples.

liz elayne said...

another brilliant photo.

you make me smile dear girl.

(and i wonder what took a bite from this least it looks like a bite...hee, hee)


daisies said...

congratulations honey, on whatever it is :)

we still have no snow !! its crazy !!