Tuesday, April 08, 2008

post-a-poem, april eight

i am clunky boots
and loose fitting shifts
summer free
and lightweight
at first glance.
i am resentful underneath
i am circumstance.
i am willing when i want to be
dark and heavy...
the bright exterior
i lay
in wait}
i am an implosion set to detonate
i am many
i am few.
i am a lie
in what is true.

prompt suggested by liz


daisies said...

i love that last bit 'i am a lie embedded in what is true'. wow honey, this one is fantastic!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

the words flowing from you as you write a poem a day inspire me deeply. wow girl. i want to come over for tea and scones this morning and talk poetry!

love the new banner!

sending you hugs and blessings today...

Frankie said...

I adore this series, this project you're partaking in. I think it's really amazing to see all of these different sides of you. I love "I am resentful underneath/I am circumstance." Gorgeous, sweet girl, just gorgeous. xoxo