Wednesday, April 09, 2008

post-a-poem, april nine

prom was a winter storm
and a purple dress
worn for the second time
held together with resentment
sewn with sad regret
{he was awkward
and she felt mean}

purple lace and shiny pink glitter gloss
tasted like watermelon and strawberry
{he was second choice
and knew he was not who she
wanted him to be}
{he was awkward
and she
was mean}

prom was a purple storm
in a winter dress.

prompt provided by liz


daisies said...

'prom was a purple storm in a winter dress' wow!! i love the imagery in this and the emotion is so spot on.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

this is incredible. one of my favorites of yours...
i feel like i got to peek in on this angst and truth...

(have you read poemcrazy? you have got to read poemcrazy...)

barbara said...

Wow! This one is great... a purple storm in a winter dress...I love that line. I have been that storm.

Frankie said...

I too, LOVE this! The winter storm/purple dress and then the purple storm/winter dress is absolutely BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing this!