Monday, April 07, 2008

post-a-poem, april seven {aunts}

it is her voice
that i remember most,
her voice that signifies
to me.

when i try to think of how
she looks now
or even how she looked then,
it is her voice
that i see in my mind.

smoky and craggy
with just a bit of my mother's inflection
but more of a warble,
a rolling, a call.

i was her favored one,
the favorite niece of a crazy aunt
who claimed ESP
and knew you were coming
before your call.

the prompt was aunts at readwritepoem
on a sidenote: my blog turns THREE today...
what started off as a place to vent about not
being able to get a mortgage has turned into
a major part of my life...has given me a place
to be creative, has allowed me to "meet"
others that like the same things i do, and has
led me to new friends...

and for the first time since i have started blogging,
i plan on doing a giveaway...a surprise....
a name will be picked randomly from the

would it be wrong to make my blog a cake?


jimmmaaa said...

Very nice poem. Happy Blogiversay!!
A cake sounds like a fun idea. Have great day.

Vanessa said...

happy bloggiversary! THREE is a lot :)

your poem is evocative and cool.

now i'm off ot catch up on the other stuff i've been missing...


gautami tripathy said...

I love the poem!

wicked witch

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful... I like those kinds of aunts!
Happy Blogiversary as well!
I second the cake!

Linda Jacobs said...

I like how you focused on her voice all the way through. I could hear her, too!

Wow, 3 years! I haven't even been at it for one, yet. You go girl!

Deirdre said...

I love this poem - it gives me hope my nieces and nephews might remember me as something more than being the "odd auntie".

Happy Blog Birthday to you! Isn't it wonderful that a blog can lead us to such happy surprises? I say bake a cake and light some candles too.

chocolate covered musings said...

happy birthday!

it's the small snippets of hand-made, home-made things i remember of people the most. great poem.

and no, cake is good an.y.time

paintergirl said...

happy blogaversary! I'd sing it to you if I lived across the street.

paisley said...

happy blogaversary... really nice poem,, and i would be proud to be her favorite....

sister AE said...

my mom didn't have a sister, so I never thought about what that alike-but-not voice might have been...

and i like that you "see" her voice.

...deb said...

Terrific, "...a warble, a call...". What a fun aunt to be the favorite of!

And yes to cake! Marble, lemon, chocolate, anything you want at all. Three years blogging! Happy blogginess.

Anonymous said...

happy blogversary! (how does cybercake taste? a bit like astronaut ice cream? mmn ice cream, i may have to have some now to go with your cake!)

daisies said...

what a beautiful poem and

HAPPY HAPPY blogiversary!! i think a cake is definitely appropriate :) can i pop by for a piece ;-) xo

Rachel said...

Happy Blogiversary to you. Many more to come I'm sure.