Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SPC-less tuesday

due to technical difficulties in the geek household,
there will be no picture today....
all of my pictures have been saved to a separate hard drive
that i can't access from the laptop
and i have nothing worthwhile on my camera to load
(which tells me i have to get the camera out again!)

i have been having a hard time with the celebration theme
especially this month,
which has left us thinking there is not a lot to celebrate...
except good health...which, really, is cause in itself.

but everything else is dragging us down.
broken furnaces, freezing cold temperatures,
lack of money, but not a lack of bills for sure.


things will lighten up,
it is just the heaviness of winter
bearing down on us...

tomorrow it will go up to -6....


kristen said...

i hear you. we've got roots clogging our sewer line and we're loathe to spend the money on it, even though we have no choice.

it's really cold here too. sigh.

daisies said...

wow -6, so beautifully warm!! we've been getting into some one digit negatives too and am loving it :)

i so hear you about lack of money and no lack of bills, sigh ... sorry to hear about your furnace, ugh ...


Frankie said...

Yes, those downs somehow seem so much bleaker during winter...I'm sorry for the sorrows...Just know that spring and warmth and gladness will be back soon! Hugs and love xoxox