Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 really good things on a (belated) wednesday...

-a new tv cabinet
made by S.
that this picture does not do justice to

-time spent knitting
while watching
my most favorite disney move of all time...

-12 and 8 surprising me by
to watch my most favorite disney movie of all time
with me...
and really enjoying it.

-all 3 computers are healthy and happy's so cold, but sunshine makes a huge difference.

(thanks to liz elayne for this great idea...)


liz elayne said...

sunshine does change everything! thank goodness for it here too, even though i am freezing (though my freezing and your freezing are not the same...your freezing is beyond freezing...brrrr).

love the color of your walls!
oh and which movie was it?

kristen said...

oh, to have all computers healthy, sigh.

kelly said...

oh...i love this room! my dining room is the same orange and the white molding just makes it pop, doesn't it. great list. liz is such an inspiration.
happy weekend....

Frankie said...

Gotta love that sunshine!! Wonderful things! I love the new looks beautiful!