Friday, January 25, 2008

friday i'm in love - the movie edition

i have recently been lucky enough to have seen
some great movies...yay movie money!

so, here is friday-i'm-in-love (with these movies)

JUNO....i don't usually follow the hyped up movies but this...
oh, this....this was a great movie...ellen page is fantastically funny
and sharp and cute...
and the amazing offshoot?
the soundtrack...i NEED this is not a question of want.
it is need.

BEOWULF...i don't like angelina jolie.
i was in the jennifer anniston camp.
but still...great movie...ammmmmaaaazzzzinnng effects.
so real...i would watch it again.

RENDITION...reese witherspoon, how i heart reese witherspoon...
i can't help it really...i am enamored...june carter especially,
but i guiltily love sweet home alabama and even
those barbie/lawyer movies...just like heaven...oh and i can't wait
for penelope, in which reese seems to play a different type character...
whoops for the reese-love, rendition is scary/good/makes you think.
MICHEAL CLAYTON...i don't really care for george clooney,
he definately doesn't make me all swoony...but this was a good movie...
he was not so much the smug character he often is...and it was a great
story with some interesting twists...and the woman, tilda swinton, is
amazing...i totally had her confused for cate blanchett...(even in Narnia)
but she is great to watch, even if you don't like her character...
she has a very "interesting" look....

next in line on the movie wish list?
nanny diaries (heard that it was good)
across the universe (the music....)
come early morning (i heart ashley judd)
martian child (a boy in a cardboard box...i'm smitten)
december boys (trailer almost made me cry)

i welcome recommendations!

{edited to add...i just realized that this is my 500th post....yay}


daisies said...

i have the juno soundtrack and i LOVE it : ) tee hee ... though i have yet to see the movie, sigh

the last two movies i saw in the theatre was 'into the wild' which i loved so much, i went a second time with friends and then i saw 'i am legend' which was also really good but otherwise, i have not been up on my movie rental game though we did watch 'stardust' last weekend *swoon* loved it :)

i also adore reese ...

Frankie said...

I'm so hopelessly behind, I haven't seen any of those!! Although almost all of them appeal to me greatly. The Juno soundtrack is amazing! Definitely a good investment :)

Summer said...

I haven't got the Juno soundtrack yet, but I definitely NEED to also. Though in all actuality, I think I DO have almost the entire thing, just in bits and pieces scattered throughout my Moldy Peaches and Belle and Sebastian CDs, haha.

Vanessa said...

all north american features are released later in europe, so none of these are out here yet... but i'm taking notes ;)

my recent fave: 'the assassination of jesse james' -i hadn't even planned to see it... but did and reeeally liked it.

looking back, the best of 07 for me was without a doubt 'into the wild'.

saw 'no country for old men' the other day and, though i have my reservations, i'd still recommend it.

i've only ever seen reese in 'walk the line' but man was she good!

bye for now, gk-girlfriend

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said... would think i'd be overflowing with movie recommendations but i'm totally blank...