Saturday, January 19, 2008

snippet of a saturday...without pictures...

-creative everyday
journaled (almost) every morning
doodled (trees, girls with big heads, balloon words)
made impromptu bookmarks for my current "book of lists"
decorated the rubber bands that holds my current book of lists together
knit (very little)
tried a new recipe involving bean sprouts (which we have never bought before)

finished lullabies for little criminals and hol-eeeeee, did i like that book.
gritty and sad, funny and real, poetic and honest...
it stayed with me for hours after.

don't laugh...but i have been listening to this and this and this on youtube at work

nothing...i even missed greys anatomy this week...
but going to see juno very soon and thinking i would like the see
the first season of this

sorry for no pictures but sadly, i have none uploaded to the laptop...yet...


chocolate covered musings said...

i'm always on the lookout for new and interesting books to read. i'm going to hunt that one out. thanks!

Frankie said...

Sounds like SUCH a lovely Saturday!! I'm adding that to my book list!

daisies said...

i so adored that book ... and very much enjoyed the first season of tudors and really really really want to see juno :)

happy weekend, xox