Friday, January 18, 2008

in need of a grateful friday post.

the way this morning has been going
has put me in real need of doing a grateful friday post...
a friday-i-love...
a friday-remind-me-of-all-that-is-good
because this morning has been so bad.

a quick vent of the bad:
8's getting in trouble at school for not
staying in the same place
in lineup for the bathroom
and apparently he had already rec'd two pushpins
(their "warning" system) which no one saw fit to let
us know about...i have no problem with discipline
but i would like to know about it before it reaches annoys me when people preach parent
interaction but then don't hold up their end.

then, the small things:
pms-cranky, still cluttered house, cold feet, bills,
missing nail clippers, no milk, slight headache AGAIN,
8 missing his hat and gloves, 12 forgetting to wear her
boots home and having to walk to school in her indoors,
husband's computer just stopped working.

and now...
my friday i love...friday i'm grateful.

- pink tinged clouds this morning
- it's friday
- the car is full of gas
- bought a new journal in anticipation of doing this
(which maybe, i will get at on the weekend)
- tomato juice, ice cold with a smattering of salt and pepper
- no shovelling...yet anyway...
- the thought that even on a rotten morning...things could
be so much remind myself of that.

happy friday to you...


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

good's been awhile since i've done a grateful friday too...

i worked through something more 7-8 years ago...i don't remember much about it but i pretty much love anything written by sarah ban breathnach (probably didn't spell that last name right but who can blame me)...

have a good weekend!

daisies said...

i love her .. sarah ban um i can't spell either :)

i heart your grateful friday, it is just what i needed to read today ~ have a beautiful weekend, xox

Jessie said...

happy friday back at ya! you make me thirsty for a V8 and hungry for pink tinged clouds. ;)

Frankie said...

And such is life, the good and the bad. It's so important sometimes just to breathe and write out the simple joys. Thanks for the smiles and hugs to you for the frustrations!!