Thursday, October 19, 2006

poetry thursday...

i didn't really have a type of
poetry that i actively stay away from
although i tend to be drawn
to darker, shorter, terse words.

so i opted on doing
poetry instead
which means that
i opened a book i normally
keep lists in
and found this poem,
these words,
making me wonder
what i was doing at that time,
what struggle was i facing...'s found poetry:

i feel sad today
irrefutably sad
sad like you find on
cereal box tops
collect me send me in i'm your prize
while waiting for you
to speak
to me...
bad backwards driver
red tinged anger
my last line of defense
of explanation
of why
a plaintive
before the silence


madd said...

I'm glad you found it to share..did you remember why you wrote it..:)thanks..m

gkgirl said...

madd: i did remember actually...i am a thirty six year old mom without a driver's license and this was written after a stressful "backing up" experience with my husband teaching...

Anonymous said...

The partnership of sadness and anger rings very true here.

la vie en rose said...

what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I only recently "found" a taste for found poetry- began when I heard Paul Farley read a found poem which was his dentist's description of the condition of each of his teeth. (from the book ICE AGE).This is nice, thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny, because I wasn't reading the line "bad backwards driver" literally at all. I love the line about cereal box tops - a wonderfully specific sort of sad. Thank you for sharing your finding!

Deb R said...

I like this poem, gkgirl! But then I always like your poems (I really do!).

The explanation of what was going on when you wrote it was really interesting because, like twilightspider, I was taking "bad backwards driver" metaphorically instead of literally, but I think it works either way, yes?

krista said...

I totally get that kind of sadnes. What an awesome analogy.