Tuesday, October 17, 2006

playing catch-up on a tuesday...

it is tuesday, right?



i'm so behind in posting
and even moreso in reading...
i have totally had no time to catch up
on anyone's blogs
and am hoping that there may be
some time today to do that
but before i start
here's where i've been...

my boy, my sweetness, my monkey
turned seven on sunday
so we had a party for him and that
encompassed a great deal of my time...

this was his "cake"...
with 15 kids and half a dozen or more adults
it was fairly chaotic
but thankfully, it was sunny and nice
and the trampoline got loads of use.

my sister in law dropped off these books
for me and i can't wait to start them,
but first i have to finish this one
that i am sort of ambiguous about...
but who knows, it may get better.

my sister in law and i have the exact same
taste in books...it is really almost uncanny
and she told me that she was deeply disappointed
with the lovely bones so now i am a little
worried about that one...i'm going to try to
go into it with an open mind but...
maybe i will just tell myself that she is testing
to see if we really do like the same books,
and maybe she did like this one, but she
is pretending that she didn't, so i should
give it a fair try, just to make her imaginary test

i'm such a loser.

other than that, work has really had me going lots
leaving not much time for anything else
on top of the usual things...homework, baths, lunches,
suppers, groceries, laundry...blech.


Deb R said...

Look at those cupcakes! You're so creative.

I hope you like "The Lovely Bones." I really didn't think I would at ALL, but I did.

Susannah said...

Sweetie, i think you should leave the book you're reading now and get lost in The Lovely Bones- i *loved* it. i hope you do too ;-) x

la vie en rose said...

i love birthdays...

well i couldn't get past the first few chapters of the lovely bones. i started reading it a month after britton was born and my heart just couldn't take the story of a little girl being murdered. i've never picked it back up.

GreenishLady said...

I know the subject matter of The Lovely Bones seems like something that would be hard to read, but I couldn't put it down. One of the best books I've come across in the past few years. (oh... and lovely birthday cakes! Happy birthday to your boy)

twitches said...

Happy birthday to your little one.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your son! And you are not a loser, quite the opposite, you're accomplishing a lot of things all at once and maintain a sort of graceful ballet of a weekly routine that is envied. :)

krista said...

Happy Birthday kiddo!

I think cupcakes are WAY better than a regular cake.

ellia said...

what yumminess!! happy belated birthday to your son!!!!

and yes, cupcakes are better! that way no one has to worry if their piece is too big or too small... and no dirty knives either :)