Friday, October 20, 2006

its friday and i love....

it's raining here.
it's dark and damp
and cool.

i don't mind it too much
but i do
feel that
the weather is
greatly influencing my
list of loves
for today.

listening i have renewed my friendship with tori amos
and sarah mclachlan. we have been friends for a long time,
pretty close friends really...they spent many, many nights
with me singing softly in the background of my life.
i have been playing those two on repeat for about a week and
a half now, when one ends the other begins.

reading i finished reading the book the pact by jodi picoult
and honestly, it did manage to pull me in about 3/4's of the
way through...i read frantically to the end in order to find
out what the real story was not the best read i have
ever had, but by far not the worst. i'm not sure if i would
read more by her...definately not if i had to buy it myself,
lent? well, maybe.

next on the reading list, the lovely bones...with an open mind.
(hmmmm...i didn't realize that was going to be a movie?)

watching greys anatomy, of course....i adore that show...
and planning on watching the break up tonight...i like
jennifer aniston (heh. and i really do despise angelina
jolie...not just because of the whole pitt/aniston/jolie
love triangle, but just on a matter of principle. hee.)

eating brown sugar on toast. i know. but i like it.

knitting a green on green blanket for one of my best
friends for christmas....and it feels like it is taking me

and doing all this while basking the glow of lamplight,
and breathing in the scent of warm apple candle tarts.



la vie en rose said...

it rained here all last weekend. i don't mind it either but after about a day or two i get really sluggish and don't want to get off the couch or out of my jammies...

i didn't realize it was going to be a movie either...

Deb R said...

I love your list and that's a very cool photo!

I'm VERY curious how they're going to pull off turning "The Lovely Bones" into a movie. I won't say more until you've read it, but let's just say that visually I think it could be very cool or very hokey-looking. It'll be interesting to see...

acumamakiki said...

I didn't realize they were making the Lovely Bones into a movie, jury is out on that one.
I heart Grey's and like you, like Jennifer Aniston. I thought the Breakup was cute.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Jessie said...

oh...the rain, warm candles, good books, brown sugar on toast (yum!), good music, more good music...oooh, i love it. you have painted a very lovely scene here, dear gkgirl. for a minute i felt as though i was experiencing it myself. ;)

Bohemian Girl said...

The Lovely Bones still lingers in my mind.

I just recently got into Grey's Anatomy. Finally rented the first season so I can start fresh. Damn...I am crushing on McDreamy, big time.

I love rain...