Monday, August 21, 2006

mood changing monday.

(edited to say that i know this is tuesday but the
title says monday, i tried to post it monday
but blogger and i were not seeing eye-to-eye
on the photo part...argh.)

i had a rotten weekend.

one part renovation stress,
one part family get together stress,
one part minor marital misunderstanding,
one huge part the feeling
of being misunderstood and unconnected
to friends i normally feel connected to.

then this morning i got an email from
marianne at applehead
telling me she was mailing me a package!!

and then i got the mail today
and in it
was the cutest little package
green bean baby
containing a tutorial that i couldn't print
off and the sweetest l'il tag and package
of pretty papers and the coolest wallpaper...

if that is not enough to make the day brighter,
i don't know what is? that was soooo sweet of her
to do...thank you ellia!

and the kitchen?
it went from this

to this


to this

and this is my bulletin board...
it was a little worse for wear
so i tried to fix it up with a little bit of paint...

i'm feeling better now.


acumamakiki said...

Your kitchen is fabulous!! LOVE the color and how bright and cheerful. Eeek to the previous owners that felt wallpaper was a good thing to put in the kitchen. I especially love that the cabinets are green as well.

deirdre said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! What a change.

Stuntmother said...


Wow. Wow. Wow.

I love the apple-green color. And the success overall. Celebrate the kitchen.

Eat apples.

And I'm glad your tough weekend is over and that there are green walls to cook in.

Deb R said...

OMG, I LOVE how your kitchen turned out! The color scheme is so clean and fresh - like a crisp, sweet-tart apple. You should feel amazingly proud of yourself.

And YAY for getting Good Mail right when you need it. I love Good Mail days. (Is the striped background in those pics a tablecloth? because if so I have one exactly like it!)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

what an incredible change..... have you been watching changing places???

Good job!

Jessie said...

HOLY CAWROLY GIRL! Your kitchen turned out AWESOME!!!!

I am impressed by your hard work and I love the color! Can I come hang out with you there?
*i wish*

nice work. nothing like a new space to make you feel better.

ellia said...

i am sooo glad you liked the tutorial and papers :D i am glad it reached you on a much needed day!!!

and your kitchen is PERFECT!!!! PERFECT!!! PERFECT!!! i love green first off but really, it has a whole new feel to it!!! i bet the kids arent allowed to touch the wall- haha! you guys did a fantastic job!!!!

beth said...

Yay for your kitchen! Beautiful color on the wall and GREAT bulletin board! You have got to take great pleasure in being present in this room!

Good work. Thanks for sharing!