Thursday, August 24, 2006

poetry thursday...time after time

prompt: time

tonight the omnipresent
tries to tear up my mind...
i've been sitting in
too long.

it is my longing for revival,
my story, my mantra...
it is the insanity
that has become
my song.


wendylou who? said...

This is simple but deep. I think I know the tune of that song....

Deb R said...

"it is the insanity
that has become
my song."

Oh yeah.
Man, do I ever know that song.

twitches said...

Some nice alliteration here - "omnipresent past" the story/insanity/strong. i like the rhythm of it.

firstborn said...

cool poem!

just wanted to bop by & say "hi" & to thank you for my swap goodies!!! it actually came to my {empty} house last wednesday & i was left a note to p/u & sign for my package at the p.o.>>>i wasn't able to get to the p.o. box until this morning! what smiles i had when i tore open your box when i got it in my greedy little hands (hehehe)...

thank you arlene! i loved everything that you sent! the candies are yummy! but i think i will have to hide them or i'll be liable to eat them all in one sitting, lol!

cool reno of your kitchen, btw!

:) mary ann