Wednesday, September 28, 2005

round two.

so i called the mom yesterday
and told her the story
being very tactful and diplomatic
as i always am

can you beleive that some of what
she said back to me
consisted of will be kids
they are not all angels
(this inane response was to my later conversation
with her when she called for me to forward her a copy
of the email and i told her that i had just received
a phone call from a friend of her son's to tell me
that emma said a** before at school...
my response to that child was
"and you are telling me this why."
in a very cold dry voice)
bloody fucking hell

her son did call to apologize to me yesterday
however it was not me that he called a bitch
and a slut
although he was stupid enough to send
an email to emma
directly thru her mother's email account
ding ding ding..

but then his mother called me again this morning
to make sure everything was ok...
well, that was the reason she gave for the phone call
when in essence i know that it was mainly
to tell me that she felt this had all come about
because the kid was hurt that emma had not
gone to his birthday party last fucking year
the birthday party that she wasn't invited to
but what fucking ever...justify in whatever way you need to

and to say that he felt hurt because he had
been blocked from our msn by emma
so i took this opportunity to point out that
in fact
had not blocked him
i had
because even before this happened
he told her to fuck off and said fuck you to her
on msn...
so i blocked and deleted him
for good
and i told his mother in my opinion
msn is a privilege
not a right
and you have to earn it...
and he was not going to unblocked
from our msn so perhaps she could pass
that little bit of information on to him

but whatever...
i can't protect her from everything
but i can make sure she is
safe in her own home
and knows how to deal with losers like that
cause god knows she is going to
encounter many many more of them
in her life....


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