Tuesday, September 27, 2005

loss of innocence?

my daughter received an email from a boy
that she had been friends with in grades 1 and 2
and had sort of started falling out with in
grade 3...
by grade four i had to make a trip to the school
to talk to her teacher about this boy and another girl
bullying my daughter and another girl on the playground...

the history is complicated because
a. i went to school with his mother...we weren't close but we knew each
b. i provided childcare for this boy and his older sister and regretted
it from the first week they started because the mother was
nit-picky and annoying and nickel-dimed over every last red cent...

when i stopped providing childcare for them
it was pretty much because of the growing apart of
her son and my daughter
and because she was so damned bloody annoying
but things escalated into her son going to school
and telling my daughter that his mother said
she wanted to drive a knife up my a**
if you can beleive it....
you pyschopathic penny-pincher...

last night my daughter gets an email from said pyschopath's child
in which he calls her a bitch and a slut and says he hates her
and that he wishes she would die.

what the hell do you do in a situation like that?
i can make a big deal about it
but emma is going to be the one to ultimately
pay the price...
how can i ignore it?
i called the school to see what their policy is on
cyber bullying
without mentioning any names
and they said they pretty much suggest
printing it off
and going to the police...

so i called his mom
and pleasantly
told her the situation
and that i didn't want to make an issue
of it
this time
but that i thought that she would like
to know...if it was my daughter
sending something like that,
i would want to know...

so anyhow...
thats been my day.

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