Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Break 2011- Day 2

i realize i have no pictures loaded on the computer of her at 16 but that will be tomorrow's post :)
big weekend...
15 turned 16
in the blink of an eye.
wedding rehearsals and wedding days held
on the beach
sister-in-laws marrying new brother-in-laws into the family...
flowergirls playing in the sand
and 16 singing
in front of a crowd of family
in a pale yellow dress
and how hard it was to work the camera
while i cried
because she did such a good job
she was so beautiful up there
who is this
this interesting, funny, compelling and intriguing person...
so separate suddenly {yet so much still a part of me that it hurts...}
you blow my mind
{with happiness}{and pride}...
i love you.


Christina said...

oh such a lovely photo. and i hope you get plenty more of her at the age 16. so beautiful.

Relyn said...

Happy, happy birthday to your sweet sixteen. There just isn't any joy in the world like the love we feel for a child, is there?