Monday, August 30, 2010

the weekend is over

3 happy things realized on a monday morning 6 am

finding out totally by accident while shooting a wedding that the
flash that you have been using for the past 6 months
and the same flash you just finished complaining about
actually does have a tilt option to it...
you just didn't know it...
and being so excited by this that you grab
a guest at the wedding and share your newfound discovery
with her and she is sweet enough to pretend to care

how much you missed just hanging out with family
after spending the day your parents and having your father
tell you and your sister in law a story about their last trip
and the backyard of the place they were staying that had a pool
and a gazooki? as your father can't remember what it's called
and you assume he means gazebo
but when you ask your mom about the gazooki?
she says
oh yeah....the hot tub.

the hot tub?
{later you realize he meant jacuzzi all along}

money doesn't matter as much as good health does.


Char said...

gorgeous shots.

in my family we used made up words for a lot of things so they always make me laugh. the remote was commonly called the "kerchunker" when evolving into the "chunky". pretty funny especially when outsiders have no clue what we're talking about like with bing bongs and doorknobs (bananas and doughnuts)

christina said...

All true things. Especially that last line... I always think of it this way: money can increase happiness, but not make you happy. Health is the basis for happiness.

Spruce Hill said...

Lovely photo! Love the gazooki! Thanks for stopping by Spruce Hill for a visit!

Nat said...

The Boy came home at some point and was all excited because they'd watch a video with David Bazooki in it. Shrug... took three months until we passed a billboard and "Mom look, it's David Bazooki!" (David Suzuki...)

Love that shot, I've missed the ocean this trip.

Relyn said...

A gazook!?!??! I LOVE IT!!

sandra said...

this made me smile :)