Sunday, June 06, 2010

the end of the weekend list

5 reasons why i'm not ready for the weekend to end...

1. i didn't finish the laundry or buy any groceries
2. i didn't mow the lawn
3. i want to lay on our bed again tomorrow morning with
the window open and my head on your chest and listen to
breath, listen to you laugh...
4. i want to read another chapter of my book
5. i want another day.


Char said...

i can relate to this...i didn't finish the laundry either.

Bridget said...

this is a wonderful list. XOX

Nat said...

I love the photos of the broken down church with the "lord is all powerful" on the sign. What happened to it?

(Yes, I want to hide for a bit too.)

Relyn said...

These pictures made me so sad. What a terrible loss to tear down such a lovely place. And, what a wonderful list. Me, too. Me, too. This week they all apply to me, but number two.