Tuesday, November 17, 2009

day sixteen....playing along with simple things...{a day late}

cold diet coke straight from the can
crossing things off the to-do list
red starburst candy
surprise kisses on the back of my neck
a clean house
a possible yes
new fuzzy flannel pajamas and big puffy pillowy slippers
raspberry flavored lip gloss
new jersey sheets
a perfect pot roast done in the slow cooker
deep relaxing sleep
birch bark trees
playing with modeling clay
the smell of markers
hot foamy bubble baths
getting lost in a good book

more simple things here...go see...
you won't regret it.


Char said...

a beautiful post - i came from Christina's place but i plan to stay on a while.

i wish we had birch trees here in the south - i love every shot i see of them.

Vivienne said...

Ayyyy-men to all of those.
(well, maybe not the smell of markers...)
Thanks for coming by to visit me!

Samosas for One said...

Loved your list...especially...well ALL of them...except...what are new jersey sheets? oh jersey sheets? I thought this meant something about sheets from new jersey and I thought...am I missing out on some knowledge about new jersey state sheets? :)

Christina said...

hello friend~
the smell of markers, pot roast, modeling clay,and that book- heard it's great!
loved so much on your list. absolutely loved it!

Nat said...

Love this... :)

Cara said...

Mmmm, pot roast sounds delicious. It's getting to be the time of year for comfort food and books and cozy jammies.

Gigi said...

Birch trees are my very favorite. Your list is lovely, as is your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine for a visit!

Anonymous said...
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margie said...

we all seem to take joy in simple things, strangely the same simple things. although i am a diet pepsi girl.

Relyn said...

And I am a coke girl. But other than that, we are three peas in a pod. Really, we're probably all one big pea bush. Do peas grow on bushes? Anyway... you get my drift.

suzyQ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
And this is absolutely gorgeous.

B said...

Oh, a possible yes! And crossing things off the to-do list! Great!