Thursday, September 24, 2009

poetry thursday revisited...

it's been a long time since i've done a poetry thursday... but in honor of being brave and going to my first creative writing workshop all by myself, i thought this would be a good day to do it...

and in her true fashion
she wore T-shirts
with rainbows and
"save the trees"
scuffed shoes and
dirty knees
with her hair in her eyes
she'll cut you in half
and you
at least
that's what they used to say.

she's not so sure of herself


Susan Tuttle said...

raw beauty -- vulnerable and real
thank you for sharing your heart.

leonie said...

oh yeah

this is really great - and i love that you are doing a creative writing workshop - you go girl!

iamwoman said...

i was particularly moved with the "hair in her eyes". So raw and real.

PS> are you ever going to send me your address? You were one of the winners in the contest, you know.

spread your wings said...

wow! this is so real

Relyn said...

This is both beautiful and powerful. You really can write, you know. You have a great talent.