Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tuned in to myself...

i'm writing morning pages again.

i'm making checklists and
marking things off.

the laundry is caught up to
a manageable amount.

the car is full of gas.

i happened across a sale today
and bought 4 new shirts and an awesome skirt
for under 50 dollars.

my husband is adorable and sweet and
i can't imagine what i would do without him.

the kids are back to school and happy to be so,
though they would rather eat nails
than admit it.

i started reading the tipping point and i LOVE it.
{i finished son of a witch and it was worth reading also}

so far, 2009 is making me very happy.


ELK said...

you sound like you had a super day and that lampshade is not bad either!

leaca said...

sounds busy but sounds like a good day.

daisies said...

you sound so light and organized :) fantastic :) what a fabulous list!

i haven't started son of a witch but hubs is currently reading it and i'll be next in line ...

Amy Bradstreet said...

Looks like you are off to a great start with lots of creative energy!

Merry meet, btw, I think we have kids near the same ages. : >

Andie said...

Mmmm, so lovely. You always bring me to a quiet place in your posts.
So happy to hear 2009 is turning out as you wished.

somethingcheeky said...

What a happy and thankful post!

iHanna said...

Such beautiful lamp, and post! I got inspired just reading the first line about your morning pages. I think I'll start tomorrow in a new year jorunal and write a few pages! thanks!