Monday, December 08, 2008

monday {december views}

december views

i'm struggling this month
to keep
all the balls
in the air.

the new job is great
but the drive is kind of killing me,
bad weather today
making for treacherous driving
making for a migraine
by the time i got home...

i feel like i am spread
so thin
like barely formed ice
liable to crack
under the slightest
of pressure.

and yet,
the tree is up
and i keep finding
hand-drawn itemized
christmas lists
from 9
and this week are christmas
and my brother comes home tomorrow!

if i stop and remember
i will see that
i also felt this way
last year...

and that i held together
the pressure...


Deirdre said...

A new job, longer commute, holidays - that's a full schedule. I hope you find some time in there just for you.

ELK said...

do not forget to take a break ....and a breath!
your hydrangas are such a beautiful sight this morning!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you wrote in this speaks to something I'm feeling but didn't want to acknowledge. I am especially encouraged that you held up under the pressure! I am happy the December Views project led me to your blog. ~ Jen*

spread your wings said...

i'm loving your december views. these hydrangeas drying on the bush are so beautiful - pale and delicate -soft color stilling hanging on.
i think many of us are feeling much the same way -you have just expressed it so honestly - thank you

Vanessa said...

your december views are gorgeous. all of them. hugs and wishing you warm moments of quiet peaceful zoning out every now and then.

Liz said...

beautiful, crackly hydrangeas... so fragile and lacey, and yet so tough... and ah yes, the stress of life with commutes and holidays and winter... hope you fins more peaceful moments.

Kate said...

December is such a bittersweet month for me. Since my fiance died three years ago in December, I find it nearly impossible to gather up the necessary Christmas cheer that seems required of me. I get glimpses of it once in awhile. I hang onto those moments.

They glitter.

leaca said...

It is hard. I think the holidays need to be taken in one day at a time. Enjoy the little list from 9 and take a break to enjoy it all. I am not working right now so that is real easy for me to say but I do believe it works.

Enrique Perez said...

nice photos

Nat said...

God the weather is awful today... and the driving was worse. December is just so stressful anyway -- the new schedule can't be helping.

Almost there... it'll be over soon.

AnnieB said...

great post - great images - so glad I found your blog

(am feeling that barely formed ice thing too)

Anonymous said...

I need to remember to check your blog first before seeing your picks on flikr...while I adored these photos they mean so much MORE when accompanied by your beautiful words.
So soft and delicate. What I've been lately too.

Anonymous said...

I think many people are feeling the same way right about now...just can't say it so beautifully.

daisies said...

i feel like i am running from here to there and back again and over there and under that ... out of breathe yet somehow enjoying it all ... these photos, so beautiful and calming, xo