Tuesday, December 18, 2007


i have fallen behind.

flus, headaches, work,
junior high band concerts,
elementary school concerts,
work parties, family gatherings,
my brother's return, tree decorating,
all you can eat pasta nights, laundry,
endless sweeping up of pine needles,
making of many christmas cards,
watching christmas shows,
shovelling walkways,
cuddling on couch,
is where
i have been...

i have not hardly touched my camera.
i start things and don't finish...
cards half made, presents half wrapped...
i'm not sure what is wrong with me this year.

i feel an inexplicable tiredness.

not very christmas-y post, i know...
perhaps i will be back
with a
second wind.


chocolate covered musings said...

was it your intention to make your post look like half of a christmas tree? (well, that's what i saw the moment i read it, so there's a picture here without a photograph)

very arty and clever i must say!

gkgirl said...


i was aiming at that a bit,
but more for my own
and wasn't expecting anyone
else to "see" it...
thanks for making me smile...

daisies said...

tee hee ~ i saw it too and thought brilliant and then wanted to say, i also feel an inexplicable tiredness this week but am okay with that because it forces me to slow down and breathe and take any left over pressures off ... and so i am ...

hugs! xox