Sunday, November 02, 2008 two

only day two
and already i've come close
to falling behind

but i'm here!

and after a long day of
interesting but exhausting
talk about finances
and objectives
and action plans
and then coming home
to reorganize 13's room
to fit a new bed
{and making a rash decision to
tear up the old carpet and expose
the worn "rustic" painted hardwood
coupled with the new time messing
with my head...
i'm ready for bed.

but then
i stopped here for a moment
felt so warm and happy
and supported
by the comments from
yesterday's post...
and i wanted to say
how much that means to me...
and how scared and vulnerable
and excited and out of sorts
this whole decision
to "put myself out there"
with the picture taking is....
but knowing i have this support
here from people
whose opinions i respect
means so very much to me....

enough mushiness.
time for bed...


Nat said...


The time change is kicking my ass too. I think I am turning early. I'm usually the night owl...

daisies said...


i am rocking the time change ~ feels suddenly as though my world is filled with more energy somehow ...

... beautiful autumn gem ... xo

liz elayne lamoreux said...

feeling supported...a very good thing.
sending you peace and love dear girl.

leaca said...

great stuff here. i really like the way you write and your photography too.

Anonymous said...

I love coming here first thing in the morning, cup of coffee in hand. You writing and photographs are like poetry. Seriously, they make me all warm and dreamy.