Thursday, November 20, 2008

come sit with me dip {week 9} {nablopomo day 20}

wire and wood

a photo collaboration
across the miles

with the
sweet liz elayne

sit with me
and share
the moments
of your day
{not only the groundbreaking and earthshattering}
just the trivial tatters
before they blow away

i will listen
and nod
and react in laughter...anger...dismay.
i can be the friend you need
just sit a moment...
and stay.


Anonymous said...

Ok. Will you really? Cuz, I could use a sit down with a friend.

Love this line, "trivial tatters
before they blow away".

You are an amazing poet.

Nat said...

How I liked this poem...

daisies said...

i heart your poetry

Chelsea Ling said...

very cool!! where on the island are you? your photography is great!

Rosie said...

your photography is fascinating! It just pulls you in--the same as your poetry.

I loved perusing your photos. I will certainly be back to look at more of your art.

Frankie said...

I love this project that you two are doing! Lovely and inspiring. Your poem is perfection and I want, so completely, to sit with you and share. xox