Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pass the apple dip {nablopomo day 12}

for you/william

a collaboration with the talented liz elayne

for more dippity-do-dah,
go here!

edited to add...
i had a really really hard time
deciding between these two pictures
so in hindsight,
i am posting both of them...
that way i can stop this nagging feeling in my head
that i should have posted the other one.


deirdre said...

I can't decide which one I like better either. They're both so good.

leaca said...

great dips!

ELK said...

well that was a great idea !

I like both BUT the second one frames the apples and shows the AMAZing jacket/dress? plus the green grasses...anyway just thought I would put my 2 cents in

somethingcheeky said...

I like the second one too, but they are both great! Love that color!

andie said...

Love BOTH! This is my favorite shade of green. Apple green. I swear to you, you both are just amazing with these dips. Love this one so much. I know, I know I said that about the last one. Not.My.Fault. These are just really, really good!

daisies said...

oh my gosh, am so glad you posted both, they are all so fantastic!! you and liz are both so talented :)