Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5 really good things on a wednesday {nablopomo day 5...}


~a pleasant parent teacher interview with 9's teachers...
who really seem to "get" him...they know he is unorganized
and yet focused so much on his positives...they even make
his disorganization seem like a positive in the fact
that he is so easy going...yet at the same time, helped
us develop an "action plan" to help him organize himself.

~taking the garbage out at 7 am only to meet up with
a neighbor full of compliments about the house color

~vanilla scented candles lit at daybreak while writing
morning pages

~2 loads of laundry done before 8:30 am


chocolate covered musings said...

now that's a fab list!

morning pages {groan}... i so gotta get back into those! it's good for me to read this as a reminder of things i gotta get back in the habit of doing (like also being organised enough in the morning to put laundry on)

hope all is well with you

daisies said...

what a great list :)

i too am unorganized and yet have many positives and i turned out just fine, tee hee ;-) good teachers make such a difference i think ...

liz elayne lamoreux said...

a really, really good list.

and morning pages. yes. i think about doing them again...

leaca said...

wow. 2 loads huh? you are good.