Friday, October 17, 2008

friday-i'm-in-love...{will all that is fall}

last sunday
we spent the day
at an apple orchard...
and as i mentioned before,
the kids played
in the hay
for the bulk of our time there.

there is nothing sweeter
than knowing your mature 13 year old
and too-cool new 9 year old
can lose all inhibition
and just play
for that long
in a pile of hay...
giggling and jumping,
burrowing and burying.

i love fall.


Anonymous said...

Heehee, so FUN!! We are heading to our pumpkin patch (that also has an apple orchard) this weekend.
As a mom to tweens as well, I love seeing these shots!

leaca said...

These are so much fun. Love the kung foo kid.

Nat said...

That looks like so much fun! Love the one where it looks like she's falling face first.

the camp said...

oh my gosh....i am giggling over these shots! how much fun, of course i also feel the need to sneeze!

daisies said...

too much fun :)