Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 truths...

~i love my kids...but i hate planning birthday parties...
i'm not sure why and it really seems to be uncharacteristic of me
but i can't help it...i just feel this sense of impending dread until
the party is over. it may be the major procrastinator in me.
i don't like deadlines.

~i'm not sure about my new haircut.

~i miss being the age where i didn't care what i wore
or how my hair was or how i was perceived...i was
the most confident then...but from what i hear,
maybe the forties will bring that back for me. i am
trying to bring it back a little bit myself, trying to
push myself a bit with an edgier haircut, a shorter skirt
than i have been wearing, a new pair of boots.

~i missed this girl.

~i watched the coal miner's daughter last night.
i stayed up until 3 am to see the end. and i am
such a sucker for that kinda twangy honky tonk
country that it is kinda sad {if you were to ask
my kids, that is}


Deirdre said...

Planning parties isn't my thing either, and now I've got a whole wedding to plan - it's kind of nerve-wracking pulling all the elements together and hoping it all turns out.

Something definitely shifts in the forties, and I hear it shifts again in the fifties. Someday, I swear, I'm going to be all grown up and not care so much what people think.

Nat said...

Parties will be the death of me. I always have this fear that no one will show up. For The Boy, I do parties by phone. (i.e. call the place book it, and walk away.) Takes 10 minutes and no cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Hey, small world! I know michelle. So glad she is back! I will be popping in right after I am done here.
I feel you on the feeling "old" part, lol. I've been thinking about a makeover too. Trying to wear less suburban clothing and more artsy items. I'm 35 and think the 30's have been such a huge time of transition. Le't hope our 40's are more stable! :)
Much love,
P.S The picture?! STunning and another favorite. Im a sucker for a white picket fense.

leaca said...

Fence lines are great. Love this photo.

I love planning parties but hate going. If you ever need any help let me know.

I have never read that blog before, I will have to check it out more closely.

ELK said...

love some of the same things too~ the new cut...give it a few days my hair kind of "freaks out" after being cut if that makes sense

5 0 do not care what I wear !
(but my teenager does)

daisies said...

i haven't seen the coal miners daughter since i was a kid but that's when i fell in love with sissy spacek i think :)

i think the forties are going to be amazing!! uh huh. ;-)