Thursday, June 26, 2008

things running through my head...

at this moment?

  • why aren't my string beans coming up? everyone else's are. i've planted mine twice now.
  • is 12 really old enough to have a boyfriend?
  • should i let 12 have a boyfriend?
  • does she even want a boyfriend yet?
  • i wish i felt more sore today after going to pilates last night...i don't really feel sore at that a bad sign for a class that cost me 13 dollars?
  • should i add a picture to this post?
  • it's almost time for me to go to work.
  • i would sooner stay home.
  • if i put the tin flower pots i bought yesterday outside, won't they rust in the rain?
  • normally, i like rust...but i don't think it would suit these pots.
  • i wish i was going to see the tragically hip next week.
  • i can't wait for the fireworks.
  • what about supper tonight?
  • the chicken linguine was good last night...thanks to pioneer woman
  • time for work.


Deirdre said...

Oh, twelve seems so young for such big questions.

Pilates doesn't always make me sore, and if it does it sometimes takes a little longer to show up. Don't worry, you're getting a better workout than you think.

Hope your day goes well and all your questions get answered.

barbara said...

I swear, I love your head!
As a mom of now(thank heaven!) grown daughters and an ex-middle school teacher, 12 is a bit young for a full blown boyfriend, BUT you cannot "not allow" this... so down play the whole thing and really give her time to figure it out. chances are she doesn't really want one, but is just feeling the pressure to have one.
and, as my yoga teacher often says, "pain is not gain"
I will say a prayer for your string beans.
have a good day and all the questions will work themselves into answers but of course, then more questions will appear...

daisies said...

eep. 13 err almost 14 is not old enough to have a girlfriend ;-)

its almost time for me to go home. can't wait to go home :)