Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 really good things on a wednesday...

  • strawberry scented sparkly lip gloss that reminds me of avon's kissing potion and grade seven.
  • a stolen late supper for two
  • Canada day plans
  • sun, sun, sun...sleeveless dresses...sandals
  • no hangover on sunday, even after drinking til 5 in the morning.


daisies said...

i remember avon's kissing potion, tee hee :)

oh my gosh, no hangover ~ i am so jealous, so very very jealous!! ;-)

i love the tones and framing of this photo ~ absolutely fantastic!

kristen said...

i'm impressed that you were able to stay up until 5am!

i love late night supper's for two.


chocolate covered musings said...

hooray for sunshine and sleeveless dresses (and lovely lists)