Sunday, March 16, 2008


i have cut my hair
short and ragged
in search of myself
in spite of myself

i stare in the mirror
looking to be
the girl
i once thought
i wanted to be

is she there?
i don't know.

she won't look at me.

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Jon said...

This reminds me of the time - many, many years ago when I had long hair. It was nearly down to my waist. Then, when I got it all cut off I looked at myself as I walked past shop windows I could hardly recognize myself.

gautami tripathy said...

I have very long hair. Falling to midthigh. I never had the guts to cut it short!

The books I would write

Frankie said...

I love the "in search of myself/in spite of myself" coupling. Lovely. I always wanted to be the girl who cut her hair short and ragged. To me, that always screamed "ARTIST!" and that's how I wanted to be seen. It's wonderful to see those beautiful and intense eyes staring back at us. Happy Sunday! xoxo

Linda said...

Sometimes it's hard to find ourselves-long hair or short. I know I'm still looking. I love the simplicity of this poem that disguises its complexity!

tumblewords said...

Indeed, there is a lot of depth and layers in this short piece. I've always had relatively short hair and pretty much the same style (since that's the easiest)but I've changed along the way, maybe. Nice post -

Jessie said...

omg, is this really you? i LOVE it!! dang, i love it so much i just might be a copy-cat! funny how hair causes us to look at ourselves in different ways. i've gone to a few extremes this past year and, at times, people no longer even recognized me. i have to admit, i love that there is at least one part of ourselves that we can change so easily!

i've missed you.

lots of love,

liz elayne said...

i agree with frankie, that coupling is fantastic. and that last much is there...i want to know more about this girl...

you look wicked cool dear girl!

daisies said...

you look totally wicked cool ... much better than i looked the last time i hacked off the hair but we won't talk about that ;-)

this is fantastic!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

She should take a look - because she's adorable. Diane

Anonymous said...

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