Thursday, January 10, 2008

SPC (celebration...two days late!)

christmas eve
with my husband's family
which we do every year...
this year's included
2 new babies,
family home from away,
meeting family of new family joined,
lots of pictures taken,
food shared,
presents ripped open,
compliments on the new living room furniture,
12's scoffing down of her favorite meatballs on toothpicks,
shyness on my part,
the yearly singing of rita macneill's working man
followed by silent night,
long drive home,
anticipation of what the morning will bring.


Vanessa said...

hey it's so nice to see your lovely face!
sounds like a nice way to spend christmas eve (though i hadn't imagined you'd be shy).
love the icicles on your new banner!

luzie said...

sounds like you had a wonderful christmas!

Molly said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday celebration!

hele said...

Beautiful, so warm and yellow

daisies said...

what a wonderful christmas eve :) and how beautiful are you!! super cute photo :) xox

Frankie said...

What a wonderful evening!! And how lovely to see your beautiful face!