Monday, January 07, 2008

day at a time...

(a picture of my pant leg and foot after an hour's worth of shoveling)

creative everyday:
doodled, started making a birthday/altered/type book from an old kid's book
for one of my bestest friends, journaled every morning, knit at least six rows on the
smock coat, messed around with my blog/format/colors etc, took pictures of my feet
and of a massive square of ice, wrote two "real" emails to bloggers that i would like
to get to know better, dyed my hair black...really really it used to be...

reading: the glass castle...i totally love love love this book...i feel like my bad book streak
is over! i don't want this book to end...although, honestly, i am very close to the end...

listening: turpentine by brandi carlile...i get a sudden aching sadness over this line
"wishing i was ten again so i could be your friend again" probably for a totally different
than intended by writer of the song but ache nonetheless.
the name of the song alone is an ache of a memory.

watching: alphadog...hate to admit that it was good even with JT in it...gag me...sad that
it was true (or based on true events, i'm not sure)
startdust...i LOVED this, loved loved loved this. i think i have blogged this already,
but i can't help it, i really, really loved it.

and for the record...NO diet coke ( my vice and addiction for the past 2 years)
pepsi, i've come home again...did you miss me?


Cass said...

Just listened to Turpentine, love it, downloaded it, thanks

Vanessa said...

what a lovely post... so full of lots of lovely little (and not so little things).
love to you,

daisies said...

i am renting stardust on the weekend and i can't wait!!

i so loved the glass castle, it was one of those books that made me wish i didn't read so fast. we started a new thing where we go and sit in second cup with a soy chai and read in the comfy chairs while aiden is at soccer practice ~ that is where i read it and it was the first book i read when we started doing this relax so now when i walk into that second cup, i always think of that book. its nice.

this was such a beautiful list full of such heart ... xox

Rachel said...

Yeah, Pepsi! Come back to the fold. :)
Thanks for your enthusiasm about my wish tree and Saturday Seeds. If you emailed me for the address, I didn't receive a message from you. So please try again if it didn't go through.

kristen said...

i loved the glass castle, it's our book club choice this month.

Frankie said...

What a wonderful collection of joys! I love how much you've been creating, I need to do more of that as much artistic inspiration flowing from you right now! The Glass Castle is up next on my reading list. I'm so glad you like it! I'm excited for it now!!