Friday, November 02, 2007

a new month, a new plan, stan.

Here it is.

and with the brisk arrival of november
i have decided to undertake a few blog projects.
one is nablopomo...national blog post month...
i considered it last year,
but this year...i'm doing it.

and i am pairing that with a journaling exercise
that michelle suggested from Eat, Pray, Love...
  1. keep a journal and every morning ask yourself what you really, really want
  2. everyday record your happiest moment of the day
  3. refine your mantra because what you're saying to yourself over and over again everyday has power
so here is today's "FRIDAY-I'M-IN-LOVE" with:

-chocolate poptarts
-chunky yummy dark brown yarn
-the winding down of the month of halloween
-new prospects and possibilities that could me oodles of more time
-coming home to eight on the couch watching tv...who said
"mom, did you know that a barrel of oil is 3.00 now and last year it
was only 2.35!"
-twelve having friends over to get ready for a junior high dance


deirdre said...

I love the first picture - one of those small things it's so easy to walk by and too pretty to miss.

Michelle's journaling suggestion is good. I'm not a journaler, but have been thinking about all three topics each day, especially #3.

Your in-love list captures the small moments too, just like your pictures.

liz elayne said...

oh i am looking forward to this whole month of you! and those journaling suggestions are so good...

oh and eight...eight is a child after my own heart. at that age, i came home after school asking my mom why no one in my class wanted to talk about the problems in the middle east. yep. thank goodness i was also into cabbage patch kids at the time or i might not have had any friends. goodness me.

Sepha said...

That picture of the lake is fantastic - it makes me long to be with my family in New England. The colors and the reflection just sucked me in!!

I'm commenting for NaBloPoMo and I'm having a day for commenting on photos that grab me via the randomiser.

Thanks for sharing!

daisies said...

i am loving nablopomo though it has me soooo far behind on blog reading, lol ...

mmmmm chocolate brown wool and beautiufl photos and inquisitive happy children, smiles all around.

i love michelle's journal idea, i too have been doing that :) its a beautiful way to start the day! xox

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

love the pics!!!

hope you're liking the journal exercises...i'm still doing mine...