Monday, May 07, 2007

a month of me

michelle at la vie en rose
has proclaimed this month
as a "month of me"
meaning that because her b'day
fall in this month
she is planning on something for herself
for the
month of may...

and you know what?
she invited other to do the same
and i think i am going to do just that...

so far this month, this is what i have done
for me
  • bought flavored waters and am drinking them in tall glasses with crushed ice
  • spent an hour with two of my best friends, talking, in the afternoon, in person!
  • dyed my hair
  • spent an hour doodling while listening to loud classical music with the windows wide open and the breeze coming in
this is fun...i'm not going to want to stop.


daisies said...

: )

how absolutely wonderful !!!

hmmmm ... i always do special things for me so i don't think i should participate, it might be a bit too much ;-) my boys might rebel, lol ...

i heart flavoured water ... especially the citrusy ones ...

don't every stop
its such a good thing
not just for you
for everyone around you


acumamakiki said...

Nice list of things you've done for yourself. I need to do more - I said I'd join along as well but it seems with all the ruckus around here, that doing for me isn't as easy as I'd thought. Tomorrow......

ellia said...

hahahha, how wonderful! and double the fun because of mother's day too, eh?! i wouldnt wanna stop celebratin' either hahaha :)

liz elayne said...

love this idea and hope you have continued it...

and crushed ice sounds so good right now...funny how a person can crave ice.