Thursday, March 22, 2007

poetry thursday...where i describe

me as being me...
without a picture.

And here i stand
still wanting-
longing to be me
bitter in
of a new dimension
but the hold is still the same
the cold comes under
the same name
shallow and preserved
and reserved...

i stand before you in my straight
and narrow
imagining you see the curved
outline of my

the real me.

this was written in 1999
as i realized i was mother to two children
and stuck in business casual clothes
and felt middle aged and responible.
i felt more matriarch than cool.


bgfay said...

First things first: to post a link at Poetry Thursday insert this code:

me as being me...

That will provide you a link to your poem. I sure hope that they change this and make it a box to enter the information, but until then...

As for the poem, it made me think about a conversation I had with my father in law as we were gasping for breath on a basketball court in Tampa. He said, "I used to be able to do this." I nodded. Then he said, "you know, when I close my eyes and picture this game, I'm twenty-two, I can hit my shots, and my body works perfectly." I told him that when I close my eyes, I'm ten or thirteen and my body only feels pain for a little while. Each morning, the aches are already fading and by the time my friend calls to see if I want to play, I am ready to go, body and soul.

Thank you for that.

Beaman said...

of a new dimension'

I love this part. Wonderful indeed. I like this poem, well written.

Emily said...

I loved the way you played with words. Well done.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this, especailly the 'electricity of a new dimension'

bgfay is right about code for Poetry Thursday but I just found out that actually just type in the URL and it will make a direct link.....

la vie en rose said...

very, do you feel more curvy now?

pepektheassassin said...

In dreams (sometimes) I am still thin and blonde. And yes, I can imagine your curves....

daisies said...

oh wow ... could i ever relate to this ...

what a wonderful poem my dear, loved it!!

Kimberley McGill said...

I can't stop nodding my head up and down saying "yes, that's how it is. Yes"
Thanks for a great read.

gautami tripathy said...

great go at words...thanks for this...

Superhero Activist said...

"And here i stand
still wanting-
longing to be me"

Oh. I'm there. I'm holding my breath beneath the water listening to my heart thud in my ears, in my fingertips.

I want desperately to be seen.

"i stand before you in my straight
and narrow
imagining you see the curved
outline of my

the real me"

this isn't esoteric, this isn't superfluous, this is the grim reality, offered up as sacrifice as one would would say "these are my limbs, my beating heart, my bruises, and my beauty"

See me.

I love the contrast of " my straight and narrow"
with "imagining you see the curved outline of my being"

The essential truth.

I hope, for you (and rather seflishly myself) we both find that.

This is beautiful.

Deb R said...

This poem is really wonderful. I love it when you post your poetry!