Saturday, March 24, 2007

knitting away

i have been knitting a bit lately
and here are the results.

i am quite happy with both,
although i wanted a yarn for the sweater that
was more organic looking,
more earth toned,
but this was the best i could do.

there is a little storefront
that has opened up in my area
that sells crafts and art
by commission
and i am considering approaching them
with some things.

my nerves
so good.

i need to build up my confidence a bit first,
i think.

pictures can be clicked on to be seen bigger and better, i hope :)


telfair said...

Those are so beautiful! I love the very natural look to the yarn & color you chose, and the details on the cardi are perfect -- tassle hat & wood-looking buttons. I think anyone with wee ones would be charmed by them!

daisies said...

sweetie, you should totally approach them with some of your things ... i adore these, very beautiful and very organic and natural looking : )

there is an amazing wool store not even a block from my house, it has wonderful yarn and it is incredible, natural, beautiful colours and tons of earth toned skeins ... a hand spinner textile artist i know recommends it as one of the best places in edmonton ...

so, i'll make you a deal. send me your address and i'll send you a present from this store : ) but there is a catch ~ you have to promise that you will approach that storefront about your beautiful projects : ) whatcha think?

i think you are so talented ... truly ...

acumamakiki said...

Oh these are fabulous! Yes, yes, yes, you should talk to the art space/commission your work - you're talented my dear and I know if I was looking for a baby gift and found this set, I'd be buying it.

la vie en rose said...

wow girlfriend! you totally ROCK! do it with the fear...

beth said...

You should definitely step out and approach this store; your work is beautiful. You will be blessed as you bless others, and you can't bless others without getting this stuff in their hands...

Go for it!