Sunday, March 11, 2007 i threw it at the wall.

so i stopped going to crochet class

kind of because

the woman scared me a little

and kind of because it felt


so i tried to figure it out

on my own

from what i had learned

and books on hand

and yeah,

i did throw it at the wall


but then it worked.

its a little whatever in places,

a little loose cannon and wacky

but hey.


i have been
working on cards
either for our own use
or to try to sell
at a booth this summer
that i was thinking about...

and that's what i have been doing.



wendy said...

I love your little monkey guy below... and your obot dude is so multi talented you are! Bravo!!

Wanda said...

Hi: I found your post from Boho Girl and think your cards are so cool. I watercolor greeting cards, and mine seem so drab when I see your vibrant colors. I need to step up my colors.
Thanks for sharing your talent and I agree, the monkey is cute too.

mariannealice said...

gotta love a bit of cut and paste! Loving the robot and I'm with you on the granny square- whatever. Best way to approach crochet I always say...

daisies said...

i heart your cards : )

so beautiful!!

deirdre said...

I remember your post about the woman teaching you to crochet. She did sound a bit intimidating. What I remember about learning to crochet is that it takes practice, practice, practice. You'll get it. The card looks good too.

Boho Girl said...

these are brilliant!!!

you always make me smile when i come here. the image of you throwing it at a funny.


la vie en rose said...

hey sometimes throwing it at the wall is exactly what you need to do...

cherry menlove said...

That is a funny post. Thank you for making me smile.

Cherry Menlove

acumamakiki said...

good that you left the woman that made you uncomfortable and it looks like you've figured it out for yourself which always feels good. i love the cards, especially the vibrant orange one, a new favorite color these days.