Wednesday, March 14, 2007

create a connection....

i have been a little slack
in this area
of following create a connection prompts
but i thought
that today
i would jump back onboard.

Jana was the host this time and it was all about your favorites....

List your favorite(s):

Flower to look at: lilacs

Feature of your favorite animal: i hesitate to admit this but (shielding

self from animal lovers) i uh, don't really like animals. any animals.
not overly. monkeys are ok. but the rest? no thanks. please
don't hate me.

Item in your kitchen: the big window

Item of comfy clothing: (or outfit, if you feel the need!)
jackies jeans
(explanation: my sister in law gave me a pair of jeans that fit me
just right, and have just the right amount of stretch to make them
comfortable and still cool)

Thing to recieve through the mail:
letters, letters, letters
(oh and magazines, and fabric...oh and cheques! and surprises)

Color on your favorite animal: heh. again. um. brown maybe?

Food to cook: (be forwarned, we may be asking you for the recipe if it sounds good! lol)
chicken stew

Ringtone style: hard rock or something from sesame the two headed
monster...or super grover....

Wild animal (or fantasy creature, if you're so inclined): um. heh. monkey?

Outfit to dress a little girl in: docs, leggings with skulls, tartan skirt, black
shirt with mesh sleeves and bandana (luckily my daughter is ok with this)

Thing to do with snow: wish and pray and wait for it to melt!

Weather: after christmas, i hate winter...i like anything more than

this was fun
and i enjoyed doing it...
i don't know why i don't try these
more often
thanks jana!


daisies said...

oh that was super fun to read :)

i really have to do this one, its been a long time and you and jana have been so inspiring!!

i can't wait until the lilacs bloom, so pretty ...

Jana B said...

Gkgirl, it has been forever since I read your blog! My apologies! You somehow slipped through the cracks of my bloglines!

I'm not much of an animal lover either... I love cats, because they are so not-animalish. I like a few specific breeds of dogs, and that's pretty much it! lol

Chicken stew sounds yummy!!!! Feel like sharing a recipe?

Your ringtones from sesame street are too funny!

I absolutely LOVE the way your dress your daughter!!!!!! That is SOOOOOO awesome!!!!

angela said...

we had a window over the kitchen sink and i loved it. the kitchen is under construction now and i really miss having that window.
i like lilacs too, i always wish they stayed in bloom longer.

i love the cards you've been making :)

tania said...

hee hee!

Deb R said...

Even though I didn't choose lilacs the day I did that meme, they're one of my favorites too. I'm looking forward to them blooming!