Monday, March 05, 2007

fresh as a monday morning.

it is monday
and sunny
and not so cold...

i am starting fresh
and new...
i am not letting this work related
dilemma suck me down any longer,
there are aspects of it that i have
no control over
and i am just going to have to
accept that
and keep going.

things i am currently loving:
falling in love all over again with this cd
reading this book
jolly ranchers
orange floats
my son seven's new re-enacting of what his
idea of what a movie kiss smooshing his
head againt mine and moving his head back
and forth
eleven's cute-as-a-button haircut...
and how happy she was that she could donate her cut hair...

its monday.
and there are so many things
to be excited about.
i feel spring coming, i think.


Deb R said...

Excellent list of things to love.

Eleven's haircut is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I see sunshine here too. Please Spring, hurry up!

daisies said...

saturday was blue sky kissed warmth and puddles joy but we are back to the grey cold of winter, sigh ~ i'm happy because it can't last much longer, wheeeee.

i love eleven's haircut, so beautiful!!

seven's movie kiss is adorable


the orange in your entry makes me smile, it is the colour of our kitchen paint :)

i love hearing the joy in your words ...

la vie en rose said...

happy monday to you!

kristen said...

excellent that 11 has donated her hair and look at that cute cut!
i alternate between loving and really disliking margaret atwood books, how do you like this one?

deirdre said...

Cute, cute haircut. And how great that she donated her hair. It always pleases me to hear that. Love your list. Jolly Ranchers take me right back to my childhood. They were sooo good.

tana said...

ah monday!
spring is on its way, just after we get out of this deeeep freeze! blech!

beth said...

I love that cd, too; haven't thought of it in a million years, since it was a cassette in my car during my time of higher education. Thanks for the jolt - I'll have have to check it out again.

Jessie said...

margret atwood and the cowboy junkies and cute-as-a-button haircuts...oh, these are the good things in life, i agree! :) i've missed you, gkgirl. i've been away from your blog for a little while and i'm not sure why or what happened. but, oh it feels good to be here right now! :)