Tuesday, February 27, 2007

trivial tuesday

things are still kind of up in the air
for me,
decisions have been made
and steps have been taken
but they have not led to any
tangible resolution
but i am feeling better about things...

i know this all sounds very cryptic.

it is nothing really, really serious...
it is more of something that is hard for me
because although it affects me directly,
i also feel that whatever actions i choose
to alleviate my own situation
may cause stress for someone else
which i don't want to do
but may have to
whether i want to or not.


in lighter news,
here is the blanket that i have been
working on since SEPTEMBER
that was supposed to be a CHRISTMAS PRESENT
but ended up being a bag with
various unfinished pieces and a tag
attached reading "please remember
the importance of
good intentions"

the color is way off in the first two pics,
you can really only see the true green of the blanket
in the last pic.

now just to sew in all the ends.


daisies said...

what a lovely blanket and really like the pale green, pretty :)

about the cryptic stuff ~ hope it all works out, whatever it is ... hugs

Deb R said...

Whatever the situation is, I'm glad things seem to be looking up for you.

The blanket is pretty!

christina said...

I hope everything is well... your post was..oh, just a TAD on the vague side :)

mariannealice said...

that is one lot of hard work involoved in the quilt! I started a lovely knitted square one a while back and now have enough for a rather small....cushion! Me thinks I should stick to the crocheting!
Hope all goes well with your tough decision making....

la vie en rose said...

whatever it is i'm glad you're feeling better about it

acumamakiki said...

i hope you'll share in the future, being that i'm quite the nosy parker. (=

and i love this blanket. you do such nice work, it looks extremely cozy.