Friday, September 01, 2006

quiet friday.

a little while ago,
i was lucky enough to
get picked to receive
some cool fabric
from one of my favorite
it came in the mail
this week...
it was perfect timing,
because i really would like to try
making a lined bag
and i think that this would make a
fantastic color for a lining,
especially on a deep blue bag..
thanks, molly!
i loved it!
speaking of bags...
i finished knitting this one.
the pattern is from
stitch and bitch...
it is called zeeby's bag
it is not the exact same
and i made a few mess ups on it
(for one, i sewed the wrong side on the back)
but i don't think it is that noticeable,
unless you are looking for it.
i decided to go with
a pocket on the front as well
as the inside,
because when i stitched the pocket
on the inside,
i probably should not have gone
right through the bag,
cause then you could see the stitches.

live and learn.
that's what it is.


Jessie said...

personally, i love the visible stitches. it adds character! :) my mom taught me how to knit this past weekend (she taught me once in 2nd grade, but of course I had forgotten since then). i'm knitting a basic ol' scarf at the moment, but that bag is very's inspiration for my knitting future (assuming i ever finish the scarf. :)-)

deirdre said...

What a great bag! And that fabric will make a great lining. It's always so good to have something you've made - so satisfying.

liz elayne said...

love the bag!
and i can't wait to see the deep blue you choose to go with this fabric.
so much fun!

hope you are having a great weekend!

la vie en rose said...

girl i am so impressed by the progress of your knitting...i can remember when you started...look how far you've exciting!!!

wendylou who? said...

So I am just jealous you can knit...I always wanted to learn. It seem like its so cool...Way to go!!

krista said...

OOh it is SO cute, I think I want to make a bag too now!

Jana B said...

I am BEYOND impressed!!!!

I wonder if I could manage to do a bag like that... may have to try that eventually.

I love the way the outside stitches look. I didn't know they weren't supposed to be on the outside until you mentioned it!!!!