Monday, August 07, 2006

a momentary lapse of mind.

belated poetry thursday...

an explanation.

i sat on the boardwalk
and listened to this woman sing...
i had to go and buy a pen and notepad
to doodle in
while she sang...

this is part of the result.

struck incomprehensibly
by your words
manically searching for
journal and pen
wanting somehow
to relate,
longing somehow
to feel release

and a second jotting...

the molecules
of you

the atoms
of which
you consist

your voice
through muted


Bridget said...

I love that you found inspiration through music that moves you.

la vie en rose said...

i love the idea of journaling, jotting down poetic thoughts while listening to someone sing. how cool are you????

i hope you made it through your totally sucky day...

Deb R said...

I love the idea of NEEDING to write so much that you went off in search of a pad and pen to buy. Cool!