Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mary mary quite contrary.

how does your garden grow?
tomato plants starting to blossom...
tomato plants...

string beans finally, after having been replanted at least 3 times
the garden from afar.

and so i think my neighbors
may think i am obsessive compulsive over protective
about the garden.

i check on it first thing in the morning,
i keep all the little plants covered so the birds don't pull them out,
so i go out in the afternoon and uncover them
while they get some sun
then i cover them back up when i go in the house.
i water the garden every night and tuck back in any that
i have left uncovered...
i'm a sick woman.


Colorsonmymind said...

You are precious...really precious...
They show all the love you give them.

Deb R said...

Ok, sure, that may be a wee bit compulsive, but I bet you'll have some great veggies before the summer is over! :-)

la vie en rose said...

beautfiful garden. i can't wait until those tomatoes are big and red and ripe and juicy. yum! i love fresh tomatoes.

Bridget said...

Look at that. You made that. And I don't blame you for babysitting the labour of love. I hope you reap a positive bounty this year!

Frankie said...

Beautiful plants! I love that you love them so.

firstborn said...

you're not a sick woman! i know totally what you've said here about tending to your garden with capital TLC! 'cuz, that's how i am too!

how fun to know that there is someone else who is as passionate about gardening as me!