Wednesday, April 05, 2006

caution: expletitives and not-my-original-idea ahead


life returns to normal.

my sister in law
is alot like me.
i met her before my brother did.
we worked at the same bookstore
and very quickly learned that
we were alot alike
despite the difference in age...
(she is younger than me)

we read the same books
and get excited over pens, stickers and magazines
in the same geeky way...
we share a healthy self-deprecating sense of humor
as well as a scalding capability of sarcasm...
we see things the same way.
we had the same work ethic, the same views on
marriage and life and responsibility.
we both love my brother
(albeit, in two completely different ways, heehee)

so, in honor of my funny, sweet, odd-like-me sister-in-law's
birthday, which is coming up this very weekend
i made her this:
(disclaimer: this is not my idea..i wish it had been my idea,
i think the woman who came up with this is pure genius,
but alas, it is not my idea)

how funny is that?
the pink, the cross-stitch, the flowers...the bad words
i am loving this...

i also made her this
and it ain't no monkey,
but cute nonetheless...
the pattern came from this book's a cell phone holder, by the way...

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